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For the informed conservative with peers that will never listen.

They often do not listen because conservatives are the most lied about group of people in the country. Some conservative haters often 'heard' about racism and so on. The only problem regarding this material is that it is generally not true often times. So, how do you undo the indoctrination of those who are not willing liars and have trouble understanding?

It is all about how it is spoken.


A goal of this site is to maximize its ability to enlighten as many conservative minds as it potentially may. However, the more important goal is to emphasize the importance of the reader. They need to learn to effectively speak the truth about this country in a manner that penetrates a misled person's mind. That means unindoctinating the indoctrinated. Many on conservative talk radio are brilliant teachers of those who accept the message but have not been training their listeners to become efficient in spreading what they learn. If you are informed you know the frustration of when it falls on deaf ears.

-Rule number one: You never identify yourself as a conservative when enlightening someone conditioned to reject our message.


And they are many. They throw elections.

-People have been lied to about conservatives because they represent the polar opposite of a growing government agenda. Leftists seek a sympathetic audience where they are slandered as racists and bigots through propaganda. Reasons to hate or reject them have been planted in too many unsuspecting American's minds.​


No such narrative exists. Bigotry exists everywhere but that has nothing to do with rightest or leftist ideology. Black and Native Americans suffer in this country because many leftists have starved them of education resulting in lack of self-reliance, academia and media lie about the reason, and most Republicans let them all get away with it. Their oppression frustrates many liberals who think they are following messages of civil rights leaders and those in support of such an agenda. That is why they march by the masses after left-wing racial drumbeats, and these masses vote. They hear little or nothing about the destruction of socialism when they have been turned away from these opposing voices. The race lie has the potential to single handedly destroy this country and our lives.


After the blame is shifted our direction it results in electing politicians intent on harming our foundations. This inflicts us with some who would unsecure cities so Antifa and rioters may threaten and destroy. The tactic was used to claim it exists in "Trump's America" and blame the opposition.

-One minority vote for "civil rights Democrats" and "against racist Republicans" is one vote is a sea of masses that empower politicians like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and leftists nationwide.


They have a history of slandering conservatives, inciting violence through hate speech and "punishing" them with their power (Obama IRS scandal one example). 

-Public schools teach children that the parties switched after civil rights.


 They hear this lie echoed every day in media. Some grow to realize it and enjoy spreading the lie while others never realize. Those who do not realize they have been lied to and immediately reject our message must be our focus. -Look at rule number one again.-  That is why we simply do not take sides when covertly introducing them to true American history and our platform. Now it has a real chance of resonating in their minds. The segregation of Native Americans and Black Americans to poor schools with no choice to leave their district followed by false long-term promises is racial exploitation. Additionally, young people are taught to see "groups" that each need their own "justice" from government I.e. politicians.

-The greatest victory conservatives can achieve is to maximize the effectiveness of every informed citizen to relay our platform.


This means they should be taught to do so. Victims of political indoctrination are more likely to turn on leftist racism than the intellectually lazy that vote. (In other words, those who do not care much are not likely to become allies in our cause, meaning you the reader should focus on the victims).


The politically and intellectually lazy should be concerned the left tried to turn the 2016 election through the staged Russia Collusion fraud amongst everything else that leftist leadership has engaged in. Afterwards allegations of voter fraud are dismissed as a conspiracy theory, while social media promises our elections are clean and bans naysayers. When these things happen in counties, their future ambitions are not relevant, and they should not be thinking of savings accounts and Netflix. America's luxuries do not survive a Revolution led by socialists, lying racial drum-beaters and transgender rights extremists. A careless and unsuspecting fraction of people are targeted by exploitive politicians, in addition to minority victims. These politicians are prey to new extremists trying to take over the Democrat Party similar to its take-over a few decades ago by a generation of hippies. (That is historical fact not ridicule). Now they have a corrupt and mentally incompetent vessel recently elected that is being celebrated in media.

No enthusiasm to undo the lie results in death.


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