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4. Confrontation


The Importance 

Racial exploitation is the most powerful weapon against the conservative people and the U.S. constitution. Democrats and their allies have used it uncontended for decades, and they have not been attacked as insincere liars by Republicans. Without it the extreme left cannot incite anger through disingenuous and disguised hate-speech now leading to Antifa uprisings. Pushback is inevitable. Hesitation to confront and condemn left-wing racial exploitation will not lead to any problems disappearing. Signs of America's death are present and minority vengeance will be directed falsely at the right or righteously toward the left. Action and voice are mandatory for survival. Teach a capable neighbor to turn off Netflix, self-enlighten, and learn to spread the word. Take that portion of unknowing soldiers away from the Democrat base, because most would not side with that agenda if only they knew. Equally important - they should not feel pressured to side with us either. How does that work with two parties? It may not now but maybe one day.

If identifying leftist racism and exploitation makes a person uncomfortable, they should be finding a way to spread the truth that is tolerable for them. Antifa supporting and tax-stealing Democrats who hurt our families keep getting elected because of lies about race. If those tactics were to be erased from the Democrat playbook, theorize about how many of their representatives would fade from our misery nationwide.

Race discussions need to take place before economy and foreign policy. The race lie is not a false narrative that presents a clear and present danger, it presents a clear and present death. Time and time again we do not rip the souls out of Democrats for their starvation of minority communities, followed by false finger pointing. This, coupled with lies and exploitation before elections is consistently a forfeit of power. Every conservative voter should be shocked this has been allowed to persist as long as it has. 

I do not have anything against racial harmony. Do you? Former (and still practicing) segregationist Joe Biden says so. He says that to make you suffer while leftists take back power. He said he joined the presidential race because of the Charlottesville incidents after all. A demented gunman kills black Americans going to church and political predictors throw on heroic garments and burst to the scene. (They did not report he hated conservatives either). Subtract what the difference in votes would be if racial lies did not exist and pawns did not turn countless elections, federal and state. Minorities suffer because the exploited must continue to be abused to be used and so the left-wing promises are fake, as minority prosperity would mean nothing more to blame on the country. Everyone suffers when liberal-media celebrated race-phonies are allowed representation. Al Gore, the Clintons, Robert Byrd, Joe Biden and so many others on the political left all came from families with filthy race-relation histories that are echoed in their falsely garbed conduct that is fake, disguised, abusive and exploitation. Not being white does not make you good by default either. Other races of Americans find the opportunity to acquire rewarding positions amongst the oppressors.

Too many simply do not understand that when they see racism from Trump or the right on TV, the vast majority of the time it is simply propaganda, it is portrayed to look real. Do you know friends that hate Trump? Do you know any that hate him for racism? No Republican that does not ruthlessly attack leftist racial exploitation is worthy of any seat. Leftist racial exploitation is a weapon against this country and an enemy combatant. Our elected leaders should protect us or be shamed and replaced.



There are many ways a person may find to convert indoctrinated. Sometimes examples are helpful for the inexperienced. Here is one.

In addition to speaking vaguely about conservative accomplishments:

1. Identify the racial problems that exists and starvation of resources by leftists.


It is very important to be specific. Lack of specificity is costly and innocent people are blamed with the guilty. Those that know what they are doing are ­the guilty. We do not want to insight retaliation on liberals who are too uninformed and have echoed the lie for years and are otherwise respectable. We don't want to incite tension against the young at college who have been fooled into thinking they are more informed than older generations. To blame all "white liberals" is simply generalized.

There are plenty on non-white Americans in politics, media and academia that abuse this lie to maintain their professional position. 


Racism exists because of bad people. It does not exist because of right or left ideology but is still exploited for ideology. Because of the Democrat Party's civil rights illusion, many leftists are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is unique from open displays that are dismissed as "right wing" by those leftists.

2. Convey to the listener that the history of the Democrat Party consists of slavery and segregation and be patient with backlash.


If this narrative was not obstructed the Democrat Party would have died in the mid 1900's. That is why so much of that base is uneasy about ending racial exploitation. If they find their own behavior unjust then they justify it by the end means, that being the conservation of their political agenda. 


There are lots of lies in the encyclopedia that is American history. No formal curriculum exists that covers all of them and how to address each, but maybe one day. Don't lose heart and maintain your mental footing and neutrality. One of the left's tactics was to say Republicans made gains in the south after civil rights and had to pander to racists and there was this "switch" that took place. The leftist ideology then provided subsidies to groups of people and demonized the others as the new racists. Think about the desire for revenge at this time after being defeated. Part of the revenge was to flip the narrative. They also had to do so in order to maintain political relevance during changing times.

After we are accused of trying to rewrite history, maintain neutrality. Only the left will be forced to demand silence as it is their history that is filthy. They should not have issue examining our narrative in addition to theirs if they have nothing to hide. In a courtroom all sides present their evidence, not one. This is a trap for the left. 


3. Convey that most Republicans do not care to help minorities or their own voters.


Many today ride the Republican name for their own financial interests and are self-centered, it is simply a career. They mislead their base all the time. This must be acknowledged, or the mind of the indoctrinated likely moves straight to Republican guilt when much of their allegations are true. By condemning what is wrong with most Republicans and as a general rule, you make sure all guilt on your side is addressed to reach an indoctrinated mind. If you are nothing but truthful you prevail. This is a double-edged sword and any guilt that lies in your territory cannot be defended. It would be an immediate sacrifice of credibility.

4. Your knowledge is personal to you. If you make errors be mindful of them and improve next time.


Have you ever left an argument and one day later thought of the perfect comeback point? With experience this happens more frequently at the right time. Regret errors for only a second and then move on to learn from them.



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