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The Importance of Neutrality in Political Persuasion

I have listened to American politics nearly every day of my life for the past 17 years. I am only interested in finding out what is truth. Conservatives do not need to lie to advance a cause. The left must distort history to feed the need for change by portraying the people as unjust. 14 years ago, I was taught about white privilege at Bellevue Community College in Washington state. I knew this to be a propaganda narrative to incite anger at improper recipients. I dedicated my life to figuring out how to play whatever role that I may to correct history in this nation and fulfill it to the greatest of my ability.


During early September 2019 I was listening to the radio and a caller asked the host the question, “how is it we get through to liberals who don't listen”? The answer to the question was simply “don't tell them you're a conservative”. I knew what I heard to be true. If you do you will immediately present yourself as a person that in their mind, is unjust, you will hit a barrier.  While many liberals are nice enough to explore, there are many other kinds of reactions that are far less friendly. After a couple of days of thinking about it, I knew this answered my lifelong question. How do we undo the indoctrination that has taken place in our elementary schools though the universities? What shocked me however was that the host did not elaborate. He is highly enlightened. I wondered why he would not then talk about how this restructures the entire conversation. The caller probably did not know what had been implied. If you tell someone you are conservative, many listeners simply do not understand that racism and sexism (etcetera) have nothing to do with conservatives, it can simply exist anywhere. Many liberals are taught to react with anger, not understanding that they have been shown propaganda their entire lives by ideologically driven liars to make it seem that way.


Some white liberals are more guilty than others and others not guilty. Knowing what one is doing when they tell these lies is evil. Look what they have done to minority neighborhoods. Without our confrontation, any cheated minority American that lashes out in anger will do this to the innocent without knowing. Summer 2020 was violent. This is why no Republican voter has a legitimate excuse to demand we all "play nice" by not criticizing white leftist racism as well as describing it. Expect pushback. Even the Republicans have that fraction of their base that enjoys the ramifications of leftist racism and demand we remain idle in this fight, yet the votes of the victims swing elections against their own favor.

Joe Biden, Al Gore and the Clintons all have histories of harsh racism. They had segregationist parents they learned from. It is allowed to persist by voters of the leftist base which remain silent if they find out. If the only condemnation comes from far-right outlets, the victims never reflect because they refuse to give them any time. Therefore no one person like Rush Limbaugh can speak to everyone. Instead, a simple curriculum must be taught to each listener of reliable conservative hosts, otherwise the knowledge is in vain. Now there would be millions of vessels that are competent to awaken the indoctrinated without queueing triggers planted by academics and the other groups of old Democrat American "thought". Word spreads. How many former loyalists of their base and American elections does this swing when false racial narratives are forever wiped out in this country?


I have adopted this method of speaking into my life. It is not a surprise that careful speaking is effective, and it is something we all already knew to be true. My success rate with enlightening clueless liberals and victimized minorities to the reality that is Democrat led segregation is nearly 100%. Every now and then there is that person who must accept the lie and therefore is disingenuous. I do not practice patience all the time. I do it when I choose to. When I feel like venting, that can happen too. We are all flawed and can learn from one another.


For whatever reason after that simple answer, late 2019 had been the time it simply clicked in my head that this is how I would utilize my knowledge of modern-day American politics. I use this to help lead people to the truth. It is my intention to teach the next person how to be a tactical speaker if they have truth on their side. It involves all the patience with rude or deceitful people that you can handle. It also involves anticipating how people differ from person to person and therefore no honest person has an excuse to be intolerant (because you should have suspected anything and been ready). They should expect the need to address intolerance in every conversation. When truth is spoken effectively, not ineffectively, there is nowhere to go for the liar and the liar cannot persuade the susceptible.


Because elements of the left are persuaded this nation is unjust and was stolen from Native Americans, they will continuously and ignorantly demand change occur. All of us who know our history well know that the Church freed the slaves and slowed segregation that largely persists today. It persists because of the starvation of promised resources. Most Republicans are too self-centered to fix it or to care, and Democrats need dependence on free resources which demands suffering before a citizen feels the need to acquire it. The only way for oppression to be defeated, and any politician who supports it in secret, is to correct history in America. That is why our top leaders need to demand frequent debate on where guilt lies regarding minority suffering and demand this debate happen frequently. Many liberal protesters do not understand why this land is the way that it is, and that is why such a debate is hypothetical. They would never engage. It would slow the growth of left-wing influence if not reverse it. They also would lose protester support, thus forfeiting the glamorization of the protestors efforts as a noble fight that would be the propaganda narrative of the future. 


The truth about the history and the origins of Democrat Party, which was responsible for slavery, Japanese internment camps during WWII and the murder of Natives Americans is the greatest weapon against it as well as Republicans who tolerate it. Now the Natives suffer in reservations where their children are taught and led to be simply against "this country" and for change. It is not simple to find out why they suffer without study and hearing both sides of the argument.  To be captured at young ages by leftists and the teacher's union ensures a greater chance of "irreversibility" (greater challenge to "unindocrinate"). No one does anything to help Native reservations. Educational resources need to be provided as well as competent non-union teachers that begin building self-reliance concepts in children's minds, not program their ideology and turn the young into loyal votes. Now the Democrats have those votes locked in and are done with Natives and Black Americans. They move on to those next. Today they are laser-focused on citizens of Mexico and are promising someone's money to the next future group of segregated victims. That money was promised to other non-whites beforehand, (welcome to the politician mindset). During the Democrat debates their audience cheers at them while they tout free healthcare for those that cross undetected, while pretending to condemn white supremacy. This angers the liberal masses and riles them up "against racism" before an election as well as emboldening those more informed amongst the audience who embrace spreading the lie.


Little do many Democrat voters know that Donald Trump never called Mexicans rapists and murderers or called some white supremacists in Charlottesville good people. He never speaks what the left alleges 90% the time when it comes to race. It is simply mainstream leftist propaganda (that seems real) to anger non-whites (who were locked in poor schools by Democrats leading to susceptibility). Their anger is directed toward opposition, and often everyday Americans that support their opposition. For those of us who do follow far right media in addition to the rest, we know the brutal assaults that frequently take place against open support of Trump, which is seen often through the eyes of the indoctrinated as "ignorant of racism" and so on. That "ignorance" makes some intolerant leftists scowl, but some become violent to various degrees. The more generalized their thinking of Trump support the better for the Democrats when misled liberals vote against him rather than if they had not participated, (they would have been relatively neutral towards a candidate, or less motivated to help their minority friends fight "racism"). That is why many tell lies about opposition. They do not have to win a substantive argument. How do you convey this truth to a good yet misled liberal? Do not hit any barriers of indoctrination.

A great critical thinking question you may try with a liberal friend who condemns leftist racism...if you subtract every group that hates Trump for racism, sexism (massive hypocrisy ignored here) and all the "phobias" Democrat leaders accuse him of, what would the polls be regarding the percentage of Americans that trust Donald Trump or Joe Biden on economy? They were close to 55 and 45 in Trump's favor approaching November 2nd. Now subtract the nonsense in that polling coming from a biased sample who are mad about something (his "racism") that does not exist as it has been spoken. Maybe it would be more like 80 and 20? Now visualize how unappealing Democrat proposals would have been without the lie. Of course, this extends to more than the economy.  (The right has its percentage of voters to disregard as well, but it is lower).


 The minority lie has been allowed to crush us nationwide and inflict suffering, leftist rule, and economic / foreign policy incompetence because of leftist racism and exploitation hijacking many potentially good Americans opportunity (and support in our favor). Their leaders are lifelong politicians, not thinkers, and often too stupid to hold office. But if I say something like that, I have to condemn most Republicans immediately or I may lose my argument here, considering every last fault of their own. We must stay neutral and attack Republican guilt, but do not fold to any lies either, and forget taking sides. The indoctrinated suddenly tend hear and you have a megaphone against leftist exploitation. Plant seeds that have the potential to grow to one degree or another regarding so many factors depending on the subject you are enlightening.

Conservative outlets have long been frustrated that minority parents cannot choose a school for their children. The left does not support school choice, instead it keeps many children locked in districts where they are produced and grow to think alike. Teachers unions demand it remain this way and the liberal agenda is in the schools. It won't change easily.  This guarantees the leftist control over raising the mentalities of minorities and establishing the narrative that life is harder in the U.S. for them. This is a tactic that shrinks incentive at an early age. Life IS HARDER for many of them in many ways, but being cheated out of equal education to farm votes and maintain dependency is why they are not entering prosperity. Almost all teachers on college campuses and universities teaching our children about white privilege figure this out over time, or already knew this when they began, but to identify their leftist racism would be a massive political nuisance in terms of trying to implement political ideologies. 


Give this a try...if you are speaking with a teacher one on one you can usually extract the truth out of them, as I have many times. They know. If you are an attendee on campus, just play like you already know as well. Ask them about Democrat racism. Surprising enough, many teachers and professors do not have ice water flowing through their veins, just some. That is why we still have a lot of liberal teachers we regard as otherwise nice people. Reciting textbook knowledge to students does not guarantee efficient critical thinking. A fraction of teachers are decent and refuse leftist racial exploitation techniques. Never throw a whole category into a blender together and generalize them. Those that believe their behavior is justified by the end means are still better than the racists who fooled half of America into secret segregation in the first place.

Innocent > Mentally incompetent > Evil

The clueless > Those justifying by the end means > Those that hate minorities

Many liberals recently found out from Kamala Harris that Joe Biden is a racist before forgetting. She condemned his racism in the Democrat debates when she was fighting for the nomination. Afterward Biden decided to make her a first for VP's, and they chanted progress to black Americans, women, and any of the good white liberals thinking they are fighting racism. This is touted as progress and that Democrat ticket would represent a new hope. However, this does nothing, it is a tactic. Progress is teaching their children about their opportunity and then building a head full of knowledge and intellect capable of acquiring it. This is mutually exclusive to farming loyalists. Kamala Harris puts on a good show for the pawns who forget after a few days of pageantry and they go back to thinking Joe Biden is not a former segregationist. What conservative wants to listen to them condemn our "guilt and ignorance" again, seeing it's getting progressively worse as the years pass? 

 Would a theoretical one-party Democrat America give equal Government run healthcare to minority neighborhoods? Think about that before reading the next sentence. If you are smart you know that depends on factors. Joe Biden, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton? I doubt it, others would. Some care but are new age pawns that ran for office themselves. Others would find another way to play a political game at the people's expense.  I figure we would see ingredients mixed up and witness an abomination.


Most would punish conservatives through deprival aside from whatever else they do. We saw their predatory nature against conservative run businesses the last administration. Remember the IRS scandal. Their outcries would be mocked for their "racism" and be portrayed as justice and various civil rights victories by leftist outlets. Of course, it is just hatred of opposition.

As I said earlier, without a specific identification of why minority communities have suffered, improper lashing out takes place. Cities burn with greater intensity each election cycle. This is why I am so intent upon showing no mercy to the complicit. Sparing them means sacrificing something else. Usually that is another city and we do not have to feel their pain or know the residents. It is the discomfort some people experience by condemning nice people with secret habits of condoning violence. Regarding every supporter of Joe Biden and leftism who is old enough to know the game here, it is unacceptable to openly support this agenda without the condemnation of racial exploitation and false accusations of white supremacy in the conservative's direction. I do not think this country can survive the next escalation of racial drum beats if we even make it that far. Now is not a time to worry about any liberal neighbors getting their feelings hurt or experiencing varying levels of discomfort about an all-in assault on leftist racism. Any leftist who identifies and condemns this behavior does not need criticism of any kind.

The lie that conservatives are responsible for racism must be flipped upside up again and back against the racist fraction of white liberals who started it all. There must be no mercy for the liar, they should be addressed and shamed in public for their bad behavior until their bad behavior ends. Cowering rather than confronting is dying to the enemy without a fight. That racially exploitive leftist being an otherwise friendly person is not an excuse for advancing wildly destructive narratives to satisfy an ideological end means. Remember Antifa burning major cities for months during the Democrat calls for change, of course exploiting George Floyd. Democrat racial tactics have escalated every 2- and 4- year election cycle for decades, see the violent progression? Where are you the reader? Just a little passive is not much better than passive after 2020. There is no excuse for surprise in the future. Lots of us saw this coming between the 2008-16 exploitation, drumbeats, and false promises that resulted in disappoint for the victims.


Conservative airwaves need to train their listeners how to articulate what they hear through these methods. Inside churches, pastors need to teach their audience the importance of familiarizing themselves with their nation’s history. The primary issue with the youth is that they have no idea what our history is, they only think they do. If they respond with hatred when you try to tell them our history, you need to trap them in logic in advance. Here is an example. Do not tell them what you believe. Tell them you do not take sides and therefore you must hear both sides, because not to would be unfair. As they speak their narrative, you say you understand the premise but that is contradicted by this historical narrative, (your historical narrative). You use this concept and rotate back and forth in your dialogue. Pretty easy. This really applies to anything, rather than simply history. It can settle any dispute and correct any distortion, but ultimately it is up to the individual listener. There are countless strategies for every different encounter. It is important to know the narrative of the other side in advance, so that when they present something false you know how to address it.


Lastly, it was my opinion that the cop with his knee on George Floyd’s neck should have been and still needs to be immediately brought onto trial and televised. He should have had his motives assessed in front of the world before he became the next Jeffrey Epstein. (Well that did not happen).  What does his personal life consist of? There was foul play involved to feed a narrative before an election. Whether that incident was a setup or not, George Soros, Antifa, the media, academia, and the Democrat Party play heroes to achieve a political outcome through exploitation and speak to all those marching with Black Lives Matter to advance "the cause".


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