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Results of Confrontation

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

After reading "Confrontation" on the main menu, questions arise:

What happens in this country when leftist racism is challenged on a national scale? Which groups of people act in what ways?

What is appropriate behavior towards a leftist who keeps pushing racial propaganda to incite acting out against this country?

What happens if Joe Biden were to lead four years of racial propaganda and it goes unchallenged? What do we expect from future riots in each scenario?

What is true and if anything, untrue about concepts written in Confrontation?

Does any of the language in Confrontation go too far or is this country at a point that demands stone wall intervention of leftist tactic?

What questions am I missing?

Have you ever left an argument and one day later thought of the perfect comeback point? With experience this happens more frequently at the right time. Regret errors for only a second and then move on to learn from them.

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