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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

What a good conservative leader should be doing in my opinion:

1. They should be reminding their listeners that it was the church that freed the slaves. It was the church that ended segregation in the mid 1900’s. It is the lie that conservatives are racist that keeps many minorities from hearing anything that say. The nation does not heal until each of them plays a new role helping teach the history of this country effectively. Effectively means it resonates.

2. Inspire them to find free and easy courses that teach our history properly. Inspire them to learn the false narratives of our history that have been distorted in public schools, college campuses and universities as well as the media. They must be familiar with the false narratives to counter them. It is also important to note that many scientists and sociologists have political agendas that alter their theories. Let them know that they are the key to ending all the indoctrination that exists. Answer the commonly asked question by conservative that call in on conservative talk radio, “What can I do”?

Perhaps one day “how to” courses will exist on the internet and should be as entertaining as they are enlightening. Many conservatives would learn from them. They would be separate courses that exist to address all the indoctrination topics that exist, (global warming, transgenderism, civil rights distortion and so on). People are free to believe and practice what they do, but are not free to poison the minds of others before they have a chance to be a normal and competent-minded human being. These courses of course emphasize being a patient speaker who remains mindful of how different people react to truth. Reaching people often involves speaking theories while not taking sides, it allows someone to lead another person through reflection, and does not trigger roadblocks that have been placed through lies about innocent people or concepts. Getting tired of me saying that yet? Get used to it!

3. The political right needs to stop being lazy and solve a big problem, so they may take back the leading role. An idea might involve building financially responsible homeless “open military style barracks” (but nicer and also have "levels of barracks and order" so you do not mix up the good with the bad) that exist to house those living on the streets of San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and the rest of the liberal cities. They exist in whatever vicinity from downtown is found to be proper. The residents are free. They provide all the hygiene necessary to keep the homeless in sanitary condition. Of course, they would be professionally managed. I would inspire conservatives to show up at them to help fill the positions. There are many that would do this through charity, and it would display how they feel about the lowest economic class, dismantling the leftist propaganda narrative. This has been done before and Glenn Beck led it. You inspire conservatives to conduct a charity event and they are excited to show up because they know that everyone who is going to be there is like-minded. Many of the homeless living on city streets will flock to these areas, and suddenly everyone witnesses who cleaned up the streets. What about the problem makers on the streets? They would be dealt with appropriately and that can be figured out in the future. Inspiration would lead conservatives to the charity as they are taught in their doctrine. The same concepts can stretch to Native American reservations. They need to have the opportunity to celebrate their culture as they each individually see fit as well. They need to be led into success.

4. Emphasize how forgiving the base is and that forgiveness is a God given duty of the conservative. Fake apologies are an exception. Abraham Lincoln knew that he could not punish the guilty during national healing. Except a lot of tension that would need to be calmed if the American left, wearing civil rights garb and a KKK mask underneath, was to have its veil ripped off in front of the world. They would be driven insane with rage.

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