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Motives for Leftist Hatred

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Why is Trump hated? If he is not a racist…If he is not a sexist (pending one's definition I guess)…If he is not a bigot or a hater of Islam or Jews or any other group of people…After we take apart these false narratives that have been established, many people do not know where this hate originated. Of course, there are different motives for different people, but one motive seems to prevail over all else (in my opinion).

After these false narratives fall apart you must spectate on what is left to hate. Is it about language and Trump's frequent confrontational attitude about what he says is unfair treatment? More?

Some of his actions in the past have been used against him. Language he has used many years ago. I do not need to cite the examples; the media has already repeatedly weaponized some of his past guilt, and they turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s spouse with a few exceptions of mention. He loved Epstein’s island. Many liberals, but obviously not all felt that ignoring Clinton's behavior was justified by the end means, while the rest were simply laser focused on new "civil rights" movements, abortion, free college or healthcare. The same dismissive behavior is often true for all the other crimes they let their Democrat representatives get away with.

One must wonder if the reasons the left provides for Trump hate are not why it really emerged. You are left to theorize. Most white liberals do not display the same hate for the Clinton’s or those who worked on their behalf (the media). At the core of their hatred, it is not about women at all whether that liberal realizes it or not.

So why? Many of them are mad because they think the president is a liar. (What politician has never lied, and Joe Biden is a civil rights icon right)? My belief is he is in the top ten percent of truthful politicians in this country. Because I say something that does not make it correct, but I would bet on it. Many leftists in the past would constantly bring up his “corrupt business dealings” and meetings with Russians. I simply perceive his actions to be relatively normal behavior that could at times be slightly unethical, but they are small and petty “crimes” living within abundance of good works. You must ask this segment of liberals that will not abandon their hate what sources have led them to these accusations? Often it is simple with few exceptions. They heard from something that was not credible. Something that questioned whether the “Russian Collusion” narrative was reliable all the while not covering the fact that it was a Democrat setup to try and remove him and imprison those that they could into solitary confinement to die (Michael Flynn did nothing a few others committed non relevant crimes). Any corruption that had been committed by the last administration was often excused as “justified by the end means” or dismissed because it came from the opposition.

Many leftists get mad about Russia but when we say the Democrats engaged in corrupt behavior with Russia the same leftists call us conspiracy theorists. The solution is... study both allegations, it's not hard. If they make valid points concede to a valid point or you trigger their barriers. Try not to take sides, simple. Who knew?

So, as we move on, we must ask the question, why is there still going to be hate? It is becoming more evident to me that many liberals are now questioning their economic and ideological doctrine and now they hate us less because of ours. That is a big change since the G.W.B. days. My theory is their hatred has to do with the concepts of morality that exists both on the far right and far left side of the political spectrum. They tend to dismiss bad behavior if they feel they are getting their social domestic beliefs in return. Social domestic values are a gold mine for politicians to exploit and it can easily go both ways. Many Republicans take advantage of this too.

The far right wants the right to hire who they hire and believe some positions are unfit for certain people due to whatever their reasoning may be, or a politician will take advantage. Both sides believe what they do about abortion and marriage. Marriage never existed in politics decades ago. That is a good separation of church and state. It exists now to exploit another groups of people, while the Democrat party and the far left may continue creating false narratives and vilify their opposition, all the while presenting the "love and inclusion" alternative.

I do not have all the answers for abortion. What about complicated incidences? I have no idea. In the political world (of the more "enlightened" leftist) it is really about population and demographic control. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a leftist feminist who used it to reduce the number of Black Americans in the country by targeting their communities, which is obviously taboo to report out of conservative media.

I would think that after all this most Americans would agree, politicians should stay out of marriage and leave it to the people.

Liberal hatred grows when the president tweets or says something harsh that incites their feelings. The answer seems to be simple as to why he does it. Look at the accusations he has endured. Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, anti-Jew, and Islam sentiments and so forth. Quote Bernie Sanders, who again and again stands in front of crowds and repeats what is incendiary; “Donald Trump will go down in history not just as a racist, sexist, xenophobe and religious bigot. He will be remembered as a demagogue who, more than anyone else, attempted to undermine the rule of law and destroy American democracy”. The masses before him, mostly products of left-wing academia, they become enraged, you can hear it in the chants and their fangs drip with blood. And yet they do not understand that leftist racism is not justified by the end means if they are smart enough to figure out the game in the first place. Spare the fraction that are nice people and just want government subsidies, many believe anything politically convenient.

Stack on the fake Russia collusion narrative to unseat him, and all the hyped-up accusations of corruption by a fake media that exists only as a bullhorn for the leftist ideology. The nations burned for weeks during the Antifa uprisings, (which I believe to have been an attempt at an overthrow using pawns, until Trump threated the U.S. military). Following that they try to impeach for incitement of insurrection and the media does not play his condemnation of the recent incident in D.C.

This is the behavior of a Democrat Party that cannot deliver the economic prosperity and opportunity of a Trump era.

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