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Unmasking - Carefully Take Apart Their Argument and Find the Motive

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

If that segment of the complicit leftists is so concerned about all of us being breathed on or around, why are we all still touching surfaces? And doing every other thing that would get you infected? Why do they get close to others all the time, but we have to have small forbidden places to stand at bars as if that does anything in addition to all the other inconvenient rules? Why, if you're in a liberal city can you not use a treadmill at a gym without a mask if you can sweat on everything? What is the ultimate source of the information that leads businesses to conclude higher restrictions that result in tougher mask enforcement? The media? Liberal white-collar workers? The mask is a visual we all see with our eyes and we stay reminded. For good, bad, or in between it is used to satisfy a political end means through the establishment of a false narrative and an ultimate solution. Of course, that is the stable genius Joe Biden or simply the alternative use of him. A portion of liberals knowingly have trashed conservatives as racist but for them to harbor this darkness is the same evil they allege. They have that job somewhere in the medical industry and they say, “this person died of the coronavirus” or “this person is sick or a danger and needs to be confined to their home by government order”. They feel the need to write in a positive diagnosis which is often mandated by their boss anyway. This obscures data nationwide. This has a harmful effect on all our financial lives, as did Antifa which was used during the Summer. It becomes economic exploitation. Although many liberals would not go as far as Antifa, they would support crashing our financial lives to hurt Trump.

Leftists are on TV feigning outrage about how minority neighborhoods are hit the hardest by the virus. It is because they have starved them and placed them in vulnerable environments. For them to blame the opposition is a drumbeat near election time to push "the cause". If there is any conservative guilt here, then it means there is guilt on both sides. ​​ Nearly every leftist leader accused Trump of xenophobia when he enforced flight restrictions with China to prevent further outbreak. Every opportunity to lie and promote Joe Biden has been exploited. The point being is that none of the current narratives regarding the virus are credible. The virus does exist but to hype it and exploit it... as propagandists exploit everything... is not legitimate.

Demonstrations against the travesty that was the George Floyd scenario are cheered by leftist segregationists for weeks and Trump is blamed for his rallies they call "super spreaders". When people see everyone else wearing a mask, it reinforces a narrative to society and an opportunity for those in power to control the next move they will deem to be mandatory, for our best interest or to push a new agenda.

If we are to be considerate of others because of an outbreak, it does not mean a segment of politicians do not use this to exploit something that is real, ad whether corona is hyped up or not is irrelevant.

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