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Condemn Leftist Racism or Witness Future Exploitation

You lost because this is aloud to continue. That means your loved ones suffer economic incompetence and Biden gets to fulfill some leftist agenda. 


Antifa supporting and tax-stealing top Democrats who hurt our families keep getting elected because of lies about race; if those tactics were to be erased from the Democrat playbook, theorize about how many of their representatives would fade from our misery nationwide.

Race dialogue need to take place before economy and foreign policy, and that is because time and time again we do not rip the soul out of the Democrat Party for their crimes against minority communities. This, followed by lies and exploitation before elections risks forfeit of power.

I do not have anything again racial harmony. Do you? Segregationist Joe Biden sure thinks so. Oh, no he doesn't actually. He just said that to make you suffer and take back power. He said he joined the presidential race because Charlottesville after all. Subtract what the difference in votes would be if racial lies did not exist and pawns did not turn countless elections, federal and state. They suffer because the exploited must continue to be abused to be used. How costly is it to our well being? The masses simply do not understand that when they see racism from Trump or the right on TV it is simply propaganda, it is portrayed to look real. No Republican that does not ruthlessly attack leftist racism is worthy of any seat. 


This is the truth that needs to sweep across the country. No side is pure, but it is the guilt of the left that is wildly heavier than what the right. With that I would suggest using the following as an example template.

In addition to speaking vaguely about conservative accomplishments we (that is you and your neighbor) need to help a listener:

1. Identify the racial problem that exists within this nation.


It is very important to be specific. Lack of specificity is costly. Those that know what they are doing are ­the guilty. We do not want to insight retaliation on liberals who are too uninformed and echoed the lie for years and are otherwise respectable. There are racists on both sides and not just the segment of the old white liberals (who will persist and refuse to stop lying) who have decided that it is reasonable to teach young people (who figure out it is deception) that this is justified to achieve a political end means. Eventually this lying must come to an end, or the nation sees more Democrat victories. Every heart that can be won needs to be won, otherwise they are not just the next blind vote but a pawn to spread racial misinformation. Here lies the importance of teaching every conservative “how to” convince any viable convert.

2. Convey to the recipient that the history of the Democrat Party consists of slavery and segregation and be patient with backlash.


Convey that the public schools and college campuses now teach children that the Democrat Party is responsible for civil rights and the Republicans have largely become the racists to establish an ideological end means. This movement began with white liberals decades ago. A curriculum must be built for conservatives that teaches them to rip down this distortion of history.

After we are falsely accused of trying to rewrite history rather than correct it, the tactic is again not to take sides and assess both accusations. Only the left will be forced to demand silence as it is their history that is filthy. As in a courtroom, both sides respectably present their evidence, this is the trap for the left

3. Convey that most Republicans do not care to help minorities or their own voters.


Many today ride the name for their own financial interests and are self centered, it is simply a career. If this is not pointed out, then the mind of the indoctrinated likely moves straight to disgusting examples of Republican betrayal that is most common with the party today. By condemning what is wrong with many Republicans and as a general rule, you have to make sure all guilt on your side is addressed to reach a prisoned mind. If you are nothing but truthful you prevail. This is a double edged sword.


Trying to focus on policy rather than party helps, but has its own bias issues.

4. Explain that the Democrat Party starves minority children of educations in poor neighborhoods so they may grow up dependent on government.


The suffering of their communities is real. If there is no answer as to why then our tearing down will always be necessary in their minds. They much know the cause to we do not suffer repercussions for crimes we never committed. They also know that leading them into chaos with authority causes self destruction and allows themselves to promise a solution. This involves exploiting tragedies. Racism exists largely because of bad people who are tactical at playing a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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