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Carefully Take Apart the Argument

Remember to never tell them the truth, but defeat them through their own reflection.

If that segment of the old white Antifa supporting liberals (the very extreme but they do not participate in the violence, just beat the drums) leading this propaganda are so concerned about all of us being breathed on or around, why are they still touching surfaces? And doing every other thing that would get you infected? Why do they get close to others all the time, but we have to have small forbidden places to stand at bars as if that does anything in addition to all the other inconvenient rules? What is the ultimate source of the information that leads businesses to conclude higher restrictions that result in tougher mask enforcement? The media? Old white liberal white-collar workers? Shove Dr. Fauci aside. It is to satisfy a political end means through the establishment of a false narrative and an ultimate solution. Of course, that is the stable genius Joe Biden or simply the alternative use of him.

It is that segment of old white liberals that are often our neighbors. They have that job somewhere in the medical industry to say, “this person died of the coronavirus” or “this person is sick or a danger and needs to be confined to their home by government order”. They feel the need to write in a positive diagnosis. This has a harmful effect on all our financial lives, as does Antifa. Although they may not go as far as to condone physical violence, they would go as far as destroying the financial lives of which ever percentage of Americans experience such a tragedy. Other Americans may suffer less but they still feel the pain.

All of this is a benefit to the re-election of their leftist ideology that seeks to enforce financial equality. The ideology that currently exists within the White House is the opposite and they are mutually exclusive. Both sides cannot have it their way at one time.

They are the same leftists that yelled xenophobia when the president enforced flight restrictions with China to prevent further outbreak. They are the same propagandists that mislead minorities into chaos and blame their opposition. The point being is that none of this coronavirus propaganda is credible. The virus does exist but to hype it and exploit it as propagandists exploit everything else that they can is not legitimate.

Ask the obvious question. If they care so much, why did they never try to enforce this during flu season or enforce staying at home during flu season? It would be economically devastating, but less people would die from the flu and they could claim they are heroic and try to win votes over it.

Try finding out how far you the reader can extend upon this in your mind and use the “do not tell others what you believe” tactic to get the recipient to wake up and connect some intellectual dots and learn to think.

When people see everyone else wearing a mask, it reinforces the false idea that the political opposition is to blame, and things will improve after they win back power. Just as they claim that the violence will subside, (some do not they say it will still be justified to achieve an outcome).

More to come.

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