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The Victim Needs to Turn on The Victimizer Now 

Actually, this should have happened back during the Democrat Lyndon Johnson times, when somehow leftist leaders pulled off the greatest heist in world history and stole the civil rights.


Aside from the evil that is secret segregation, why is all this necessary? Keep in mind that comfort is not relevant during these times. The political party of the complicit liar has done everything to incite hatred of conservatives and abuse power to inflict suffering onto opposition.

Many voters will never know things only the far-right media reports on. These things are forbidden or taboo in other places. The intelligent person studies everything, including their perceived enemy. That is a neutral statement. When those on the far-right have corruption issues it does not mean they are incapable of reporting something accurate that is left out of other outlets. This is what many liberals have not realized. “Justified by the end means” leftist racism must be destroyed forever.

All Trump White House allegations of the Democrat Party’s behavior are dismissed as conspiracy theories during the Biden puppet-master transition. Most voters do not recognize the irony that leftists and their party accused Trump of a Russia collusion narrative and sought to impeach over   what  ? Indeed, it is the other way around and they also commit voter fraud. The easier it is made to vote the easier the crime and the harder to prove. 

If it was allowed to get this bad the prior few years due to the shameful ignorance of most Americans, the new radical elements guarantee our mistreatment, punishment for nothing, and no chance for revival after Biden. He had problems mumbling through debates and still was the pick of the liberal base out of the Democrat primary candidates. It was name recognition and a media driven reputation of being a "solid choice" for black Americans. Shouldn't they have just chosen Kamala Harris at the time instead of an old white segregationist if they were sincere? This world is fake.

Here are a couple examples of the extreme nature of the enemy we face. If your neighbors say "that's a conspiracy theory" maybe you should ask them if the Democrat plot to starve minority children of educations and keep them in a state of dependence for the past couple decades is a conspiracy theory. That sounds like a pretty good trap to me!







-The Obama White House knew there was a Russian collusion narrative being set up to entrap Trump. It was meant to suggest he stole the election.

-The Michael Flynn perjury trap. The media always says "he pled guilty to the FBI" but leaves out that his assets were drained. Later Flynn sold his house to pay his defense. Then his son was threatened by charges. His son was spared in exchange for a guilty plea. Flynn ultimately caved. "It is the next chip to fall in the Trump Russia collusion" the media reported. This is admitted by FBI director James Comey on tape, but leftist media does not report that. (By the way this is the easiest way to immediately tear down leftist credibility of Trump/Russia wrongdoing, as this is the most simple and obvious example to trap them in). 

-The FBI found some of Trump's former business partners to investigate for "Russia Collusion". This is referred to as a treasure hunt. They know the initial charges do not exist but then look for other behavior that is illegal. They are charged for something irrelevant, but the media reports it as "more charges in the Russia Collusion report.

-Ultimately leftists on the news were mad that Trump "had meetings with Russians". They exploded all over TV. So did Obama. So did Bush and Clinton. This is the worthlessness of everything regarding the Russia collusion Hoax.

-Joe Biden and the use of the Logan Act to get Trump is one I encourage you to study for yourself. 

-Remember the Robert Muller hearing. He did not know or run his own investigation. He was declining heavily.

-After Russia, false Ukraine allegations and impeachment followed. Joe Biden is on camera bragging about Ukraine corruption is simply not reported by most media.


-First of all, connect the dots, they slander opposition as white supremacists while starving minority children. Therefore do not let any of this go dismissed as "they would never go that far".


-The Obama IRS scandal was the former administration’s attempt to destroy conservative business owners. This was dismissed as a conspiracy theory except on the right. Notice a pattern of hate coming from the party of love and inclusion. This raises the critical thinking question, “should any honest voter hear far-right allegations?

-“You know, just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.” -Hillary Clinton September 2016. The pattern of slander continues with nearly every Democrat holding any form of power.

-The 2018 Media Correspondents Dinner is a classic example of how the disrespect is growing and may be the greatest example of hatred on display in the past 4 years.

-The Kavanaugh hearings and the power of staged allegations. This was a scandal that fell apart and became phony, and that is clear to anyone who cared to study both the conservative and liberal viewpoints extensively.



-The Green New Deal and financial suicide in the name of climate change. 


-Defunding of police during Antifa uprisings leads to violence that can be claimed to exist because it is in “Trump’s America”. This was repeated frequently on leftist media and touted as “the perfect storm” before an election by leftist pundits and former Obama officials. Many leftist cities let out prisoners just before the riots. Incitement of insurrection?

-Tearing down statues of American history is tolerated by the Democrat Party in guise of tearing down racists.


-The Clinton Foundation is described as a charity for the world and gave special access to the U.S. to countries that "donate" to the cause. When Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State this was common and how the Clinton's have become so rich.

-The Obamas are worth a billion and Bernie Sanders has several luxury houses around the country. They both run on the message that "those at the top horde all the wealth". This is irony in the sense that so many leftists say the "religious right" is hypocritical, because they implement some of the morality into law that so many of them defy, and yet they sit idle when their leaders do not have to pay the "fair share" they preach. This allows politicians to play "the good guy" while taking full advantage of the tolerance liberals have for leftist hypocrisy and corruption.

-Again, how the Biden's get rich from Ukraine and China. It is not reported outside of conservative media because at this time in history it is not politically convenient for the left to do so. Hatred of conservatives will always take priority and opposition had most of power after 2016.




-The Iran Nuclear Deal and foreign policy incompetence. Most Americans have no clue what the difference would be in the world today between the left and right version of the proposals. I claim bias here. Ours is better.

-Virus hypocrisy. Democrats did everything they accuse Trump of regarding Corona, leading to voter confusion.

-Joe Biden is not in charge but reported to be. This keeps his base comfortable. He is mentally incompetent, but the foolish and forgetful nature of most people is exploited by media and they instead portray him with favor as it is beneficial to the leftist ideology.

-Swing voters don't know it, nor much, but their lives are negatively impacted too. Leftist incompetence not only affects their economy but also seeps into schools. They lie about history and emasculate young boys' minds with gender confusion, which is one more tactic of an ideological game. It is used to lead a new "group" of people into a fake world promoted also through leftist media created for exploitation. Politicians only pretend to care about groups of people. Indirectly persuading children to self-mutilate (through suggestion) leads to a high suicide rate later in life. Now the politician would pretend to love the group calling such accusations "transphobia" and gather support. Is that a good enough reason to reject leftist political leaders? What is planned under leftist curriculum in 10 years? Do you think it involves misleading the public and evolved exploitation? What comes after the big effort by Barack Obama to aggressively push an agenda that appeases the different kinds of genders that liberals suddenly think they discovered? 44 had to be remembered for something anyway, he confused the bathrooms in elementary schools. I'll bet Joe Biden gets us to the next mystery milestone. How painfully appropriate.

-Politicians waste most taxes we forfeit on some of the most stupid programs imaginable. It is better spent by the hand of the consumer and through this study we find out what is currently popular in society. If liberals hate rich people so much why are they so content with voting to take away upper class money through taxes just to further enrich corrupt and already rich politicians? The politicians simply play the "love and inclusion" game which justifies this in the mind of the liberals, all the while they secretly oppress minorities which helps maintain their position in the future. I never get tired of repeating this.



-Everything I cover. Fueling anger at the county's foundations to promote change after losing the civil rights fight a few decades ago.


-Did you know not having to show ID makes it substantially harder to prove voter fraud? If a Republican enforces it because of their racism, it could be. It depends who and where, I personally think it is mostly a fake leftist narrative. It would not change the fact that left leaning racists still exploit it. That is why it is the prime reason the Democrat Party fights it. Who is their target audience here? It is non-whites they've starved. 

It is getting worse every year the left beats false drums to promote change, and Joe Biden is a racial drum beater. He is being cheered for placing a full cabinet of women so that the media will celebrate it and American women will be told about it. That is called exploitation of women. In 2016 it was Epstein Rodham Clinton, our favorite hero of women who was cheered. 

-Again, remember the Kavanaugh hearings and the absence of evidence. The Democrat politicians in the Senate hearing were expressing their "concern for women". We have an admission on tape by Christine Blasey Fords attorney that she was motivated by abortion. In the future I will lay out how obvious it was to figure out this was all fake.


Now consider that Hillary Clinton's husband has defiled young girls at Epstein Island and how leftists are silent. He was there 17 times. There were naked portraits glamorizing him hanging in the mansion. This conveys a lack of leftist sincerity when they refuse to confront their own. Compare the Donald Trump audio about grabbing women; it was a secret recording of him joking with one other man in private. The media played this over, and over and over again and rallied the infuriated liberal feminists. This is the power of media influence on shamefully lazy minds. The hypocrites did not fuss much... some, but not much... over the Biden accusers. Have you seen him creep on videos?


Abortion is used mostly in politics for demographic control. The politicians don't care about women's rights but ride narratives, true and false, for a cause. If they catch their opposition in a bad act, they use it and play hero. Are we learning about exploitation yet? Oftentimes leftist men get to exploit women without them realizing, similar to the way black Americans are abused by complicit white leftists. Put them back in power after the Trump derangement and we are done after this gets worse.


These are vague examples. More detail can follow later, but the importance is the pattern of behavior. What happens to countries when most citizens are comfortable during dangerous times? Of course, after “Putin hacked our elections”, now everything is okay when the left wins because our elections are all of the sudden regarded as safe. Forget your day job as the most important aspect of your life. We should enlighten the pawns against leftist guilt before they are again weaponized during the next Antifa drumbeat by the party of "change”.



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